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- Name: Jeffrey van Rijnsbergen
- date of birth: 18-october-1989
- religion: junglism
- schools: 2 years at Grafisch lyceum Utrecht Multimedia design, graduated from ID college Leiden Social culture worker
- Hobby's: Longboarding, graffiti and snowboarding
- Favourite music: Drum and bass, tekno, hiphop, dubstep, rock, blues, metal
- currently working on: this site
-flyer designs
-new youth point in leiden called "eureka!"
-improving Jonginwassenaar.nl

- favourite sites: Myspace , Ihatebreakcore.com


Jeffrey van Rijnsbergen, AKA Wigs, is a starting dutch graffiti artist with big plans for the future.
ever since Jeff was only 4 years old, he couldn't stop drawing and designing "stuff". unable to sit down and relax, Jeff is always busy for the greater good.
Skating, surfing, snowboarding, parkour, climbing, running, biking, you name it, he did it.

when Jeff graduated from High school, he first attempted the "GLU, Grafisch lyceum Utrecht", but after 2 years, in which he had to repeat the first year, he realised that this wasn't what he wanted to do.
When he left the GLU, he started his education "social culturel worker" at the ID college in Leiden, where he got his diploma.
Now jeff is going to follow courses at an artschool for painting and sculpturing, which he will then use in combination with culturel work with teenagers.
currently looking for a job, available for graffiti courses for beginners, Jeff is going to do big work!