WIGS - offline portfolio --- online soon!!
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WIGS, also known as Jeffrey van Rijnsbergen, is a dutch dude with a massive love for graffiti
and everything that has something to do with art, skating, music and stuff like that
Currently studying for social worker, graduation day is almost here, with plans to follow paint courses and stuff like that.
This site will provide you with his latest work and everything around it!

so check it out as often as you can, cuz'it'll be online soon!


- Home page
- Blog page
- Music page
- Guestbook
- Link page
- Download page
- different banner for each page!

expected: next week!

Main goal of this site!!

- latest news on wigs's proces!
- show Wigs's latest work
- downloadable songs
- bookings for graffiti courses
- helping out my co-artists by putting links to their sites online

A little preview from my upcoming tekno album

Yahooo! demo


Contact me at wigs[a]shadowfront.nl for more info!!